Our lab’s Github page:


Open-source/free software:

  • SimVascular: A comprehensive software from medical image data to patient-specific blood flow simulation.
  • Vascular Modeling Toolkit (VMTK): A collection of Python libraries for image-based modeling of blood vessels.
  • FEniCS: A flexible finite element method (FEM) platform for solving arbitrary PDEs using a Python interface.
  • The Visualization Toolkit (VTK): A collection of C++ libraries for visualization and post-processing of a wide range of data. VTK libraries are available in Python, providing powerful and efficient post-processing of different types of computational data.
  • ParaView: A powerful VTK based visualization/post-processing software.
  • VolView: Medical image data visualization.
  • OpenFlipper: Processing mesh data.
  • Meshmixer: Processing triangle surface mesh data.
  • FreeCAD: Scriptable 3D CAD modeler.
  • FlowVC:  Lagrangian processing of velocity data. FTLE, particle residence time, particle tracking, ..

An short tutorial by Dr. Arzani on advanced vector field (velocity and WSS) visualization for creating figures for papers/presentations:

Useful online lectures: