Open educational resources (OER): OERs are starting to become more popular in higher education. They help make higher education more inclusive and accessible. According to a 2022 study by Bay View Analytics about half of US college faculty have now become aware of OERs. Interestingly, awareness was lowest among engineering faculty. OER includes freely available textbooks, problem sets, lectures, etc. For example, did you know that the pdf version of many machine learning and deep learning textbooks have been made available freely by authors and publishers? Did you know that you can easily find recorded lecture series on various topics with a simple search on Youtube or through websites like MIT OpenCourseWare or NPTEL? We have listed some of these lecture series (of interest to us) here. Below, we provide a comprehensive list of another valuable OER for researchers: seminar series.

Until recently, the opportunity to attend regular technical seminars and listen to talks by research leaders was limited to individuals enrolled at prestigious universities that hosted regular seminar series.  These usually 1-hour seminars are very valuable as they provide detailed presentations about latest research developments. Seminar series provide faculty, students, and postdocs with the valuable opportunity to remain informed about the latest advancements in their field, stay up-to-date, and, most importantly, be inspired (after all we need inspiration for new ideas!!). Fortunately, in recent years, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous seminar series have transitioned to online platforms, offering free access to the general public.

Below, we have compiled a comprehensive list of such seminar series in the broad areas of interest to our lab (and many others):  1- Scientific machine learning, 2- Data science, 3- Fluid mechanics, 4- Solid mechanics, 5- Biomechanics and biomedical engineering, 6- Cardiovascular sciences, 7- Computational modeling, 8- Applied mathematics, and 9- general mechanical engineering.   

You can subscribe to these seminar series and/or browse previous recorded talks that are available.  Enjoy!!

If we missed something interesting, please let me know!!

The seminar series recommended by me (my favorites) are highlighted in red.  

Scientific Machine Learning webinars

1- CRUNCH seminars (PINN and more)


2- Data-Driven Methods for Science and Engineering Seminar


3- Data-driven Physical Simulations (DDPS) Seminar Series


Youtube playlist

4- e-Seminar on Scientific Machine Learning


5- Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems Seminar

6- Chalmers AI4Science

7- Oxford ML and Physics Seminars

8- Physics meets machine learning


9- Scientific Computing and Artificial Intelligence

10- CMU Scientific Machine Learning Webinar Series

11- Physics-Informed Learning Machines for Multiscale and Multiphysics Problems


12- PREMIERE  PREdictive Modelling with QuantIfication of UncERtainty for MultiphasE Systems


13- Combining AI and ML with Physics Sciences

14- Data-Driven Fluid Mechanics: Combining First Principles and Machine Learning (This was a one-time workshop that later turned into a nice book)

Lectures from the workshop:

15- Physics-informed machine learning meets engineering seminar series

Machine Learning and Data Science webinars

1- DataLearning seminars (Data Assimilation and Machine Learning)


2- Online Seminar on  Mathematical Foundations of Data Science

3- Michigan Institute for Data Science

Older videos are available here:

4- Texas A&M Institute of Data Science

5- One world theoretical machine learning

6- Center for Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence seminars


7- Mathematical Methods for Arbitrary Data Sources


8- DeepMath

9- Center for Intelligent Systems CIS EPFL

10- Utah DataScience

11- NJIT Institute for Data Science


12- JHU Mathematical Institute for Data Science

13- Foundations of Data Science Institute

14- Scientific Computing and Artificial Intelligence

15- Reinforcement learning theory seminars

16- The two leading machine learning annual conferences can also be accessed online! Change the year in the links below to find the website for the other years. I suggest browsing the Workshops and Tutorials parts of these conferences:



Fluid Mechanics webinars

1- Journal of Fluid Mechanics (JFM) Webinar series


2- UK Fluids Network Seminar Collection

3- LMFL Fluid Mechanics Webinar

4- USACM Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) webinars–cfd-fsi

5- Aerodynamics & Control Seminars

6- Experiments in Fluids Journal Seminar

7- Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society

8- Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics

9- Online Turbulence Seminar (OTS) series

10- Intelligent and Bio-inspired Mechanics webinars


11- BioActive Fluids

12- Physics of Fluids seminars

13- Complex Fluids and Soft Matter seminars

Solid Mechanics webinars

1- KTH Solid Mechanics seminar series

2- USACM Large Scale Structural Systems and Optimal Design–large-scale-structural-systems

3- Extreme Mechanics Letters webinars


Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering webinars

1- Closer Look: An Open Journal Club in Biomechanics

2- Computational Biomedicine

3- European Society of Biomechanics

4- VPH Institute

5- Ansys Healthcare Industry Webinar Series:

6- Auckland Bioengineering Institute

7- Translational Biomedical Engineering Seminars

Cardiovascular Sciences webinars

1- Stanford Frontiers in Cardiovascular Science (some talks available)

2- Utah Cardiovascular Research and Training Institute (CVRTI)

3- Journal of Vascular Surgery journal clubs

4- Cerebral Blood flow Virtual seminars

5- Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) journal clubs, webinars, cardiology hour, etc.:

6- IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) Technical Committee (TC) on Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing

7- Cardiovascular magnetic resonance journal club

Computational Modeling webinars

1- Journal of Computational Physics Seminar Series

2- MIT Center for Computational Science and Engineering


3- Harvard Institute for Applied Computational Science

4- Modelling and Scientific Computing at Politecnico di Milano

5- USACM Uncertainty Quantification and Probabilistic Modeling

6- Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute

7- Hariri Institute for Computing, Boston University

8- KAIST Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM)

9- NASA Advanced Modeling and Simulation (AMS) Seminars

Applied Mathematics webinars

1- Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (check out an amazing collection of prior workshops!)


2- Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (most current and some of the more recent prior workshops available):


3- Discrete Optimization Talks (DOTs)


4- University of Washington Applied Math seminars:

5- Applied and Computational Math at Cardiff

6- Journal of Engineering Mathematics Seminar Series

7- Harvard Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications


9- SIAM conferences

10- Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (mathematical, computational and statistical sciences talks)

General Mechanical Engineering and Other webinars

1- MIT MechE Alliance


2- University of Michigan Mechanical Engineering seminar series


3- University of Minnesota ME seminars

4- NCSU MAE seminars

5- APS Physical Review Journal Webinars