Hunor will present his work titled “Enhancing Corrupt Cardiovascular Flow Data With Machine Learning” at the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport (SB3C) conference. Dr. Arzani will chair the “Machine Learning in Biofluids” session (June 4-8, Vail, CO). Later this summer, Dr. Arzani will present our latest research on explainable AI (XAI) titled “Towards Interpretable and Generalizable Deep Learning in Mechanics” at the U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM) conference (July 23-27, Albuquerque, NM ). Dr. Arzani’s XAI presentation can be viewed below. Also, a longer version of this talk was recently delivered at the DDPS seminar series and can be viewed here.

Summer conferences (SB3C and USNCCM) + DDPS talk